Insite Approval Process

The virtual approval process is he same as initialing and dating a hard copy proof. I will give a overview of the process as well as each step below is displayed below. Keep in mind all “notifications are customizable to the specific users needs. An example would be when a “Job is Created” if you are “subscribed to that event you will get an email notifying you that the Designer has “Created a Job”. 

Here is our scenario we have a Designer Our Customer and the End User. The Designers first step is to “Create a Job” then “Upload the Pages” and and they would “Approve The Page” to “Reviewed OK”.  This will automatically “Notify” the Broker and End User that there is a a file ready for review. The Broker sees a problem and makes a comment for the Designer “I thought this should be blue” and sets the page status to “Reviewed Not OK” . The End User “logs On” and sees this comment and “Makes An Annotation” That this is ok but finds another problem and “Makes An Annotation”  to make the word “Heavy” bold then “Rejects the Page” using “Request Corrections”. The Designer makes the corrections and a new file is “Uploaded”. The End User “Logs On” and sets the page to “Reviewed OK” but requests hard copy proofs. The Proofs are made and the End User would “Log On” and set the pages to “Final Approval” . This is only one scenario but you can see it can go any number of ways with anyone having different responsibilities. 

Short Notes:
Set Page to Reviewed OK when… Someone else needs to look at it or hard copy proofs are required.
Give Final Approval when… The job is ready to make plates.
Reject the Page to Reviewed Not OK when… You think something might be wrong and would like someone else to see but its ok if it gets printed.
Request Corrections when… You would like to send a report to the Designer about your comments.
Reject a Page when… You definitely do not what this to be printed.

In the approval process there are 2 approval levels and 3 rejection levels. We will start with approve…
Have a page open in Smart Review (we will explore another method in a minute) and click the green button at the top of the page. 


If you would like someone else to look at this file or you are not the Final Approver “Set Page… To Reviewed OK”.
With the “Reviewed-OK” you still have the ability to perform any other actions with the page.


This box will pop up. If the job is ready to be plated and no other proofs are needed select “Give Final Approval For Pages… “
When a page is set to “Final Approval” you can no longer remove the page or make comments. 
Once this is done it will trigger us to move your job to production.


To “Reject” a page… Have a page open in Smart Review (we will explore another method in a minute) and click the red button at the top of the page. Here you will have 3 choices.


The first choice is to “Set Page To Reviewed Not OK”. This lets someone know that you see something that may be wrong. This can be overwritten by the Final Approver.

The second choice is to “Request Corrections”  This will set the status to Rejected and automatically generate a report and email anyone on the list. It will contain any  mark ups or live chat about the page. Once the page is rejected the page must be replaced.

The third choice is “Reject Pages” . These last two options “Request Corrections” and “Reject Pages” are great ways to ensure this page does not get plated. 

Can a customer approve multiple pages at the same time or do they need to do it page by page? I know this is a scary question as approving multiples would mean they aren’t looking at them but the question was asked.
Yes go to the: pages tab> select multiple pages > Click approve (in the right hand pane)

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