New Quark Update

I have had a few questions about the new quark update. In short (which I will try to keep short) Transparency in the graphic design world is applying opacity effects to an object or type. This could be a photograph or the drop-shadow of a photograph. When transparency first came out and I am guessing 5 years ago Rips (the engine that makes the dots for the printing plates) could not understand them. We had to flatten them down to one FLAT image instead of the images being two parts the image below and the image above with transparency. When this flattening occurred you would get cut lines and or white boxes. Adobe developed a new rip (guessing 3 years ago) that would maintain or keep live the transparency. Now Quark as Indesign has been we hopefully export PDFs with live transparencies that will be accurate to what the designer originally intended.

Gary Nieman
Email: Cell: 214.564.8734
Link to Insite: 



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