Insite Upload Errors

Can you tell me what causes this error is when they are trying to upload files?


Processing Status Details
AutoProcess “*.ps *.eps *.pdf” using “Refine_CMYK” (Insite_Process_Trap)
Not Performed
This AutoProcess rule did not match the upload at the time of this upload, or all files were processed by a preceding rule.





When a File is uploaded to the system it will look at the extension (A PDF will have .pdf at the end) if it does NOT see this the system will not process the file. If a page that you have uploaded does not appear in the pages tab check to be sure you have the .pdf on the end of the file name. The details of your upload (as shown above) can be found under the History tab with uploads selected at the left click on the upload you wish to see.
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Gary Nieman


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